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Brahmi - The Mother of Indian Scripts
(18 May '09)
Brahmi - The Mother of Indian Scripts Late Dr. Suniti Kumar Chatterji National Professor in HumanitiesGovernment of IndiaKolkotta.The sub-continent of India is a vast region, now embracing the thre... read more
Goa In The Literary Imagination
(01 May '09)
  Goa In The Literary ImaginationNina Maria CaldeiraEnglish DepartmentGoa UniversityArt borrows from experience and the creative experience gets branded on the creative mind finding shape in a... read more
Of Language, Script and Panic
(15 April '09)
   Of Language, Script and PanicTomazinho CardozoCandolim, Goa.All of a sudden, the language controversy of Goa surfaced in the Goa Legislative Assembly in a big way. The MLAs expressed t... read more
A Brief History of Konknni Periodicals
(01 March '09)
A Brief History of Konknni PeriodicalsJ.B. Moraes Mumbai     (This article was written by Mr. J. B. Moraes, the known Konknni poet and writer from Mumbai in Konknni in Kann... read more
Glimpses of Konknni in Roman Script
(16 February '09)
Article published in SOD 13Glimpses of Konknni in Roman Script  Pratap Naik, S.J.Thomas Stephens Konknni KendrAlto Porvorim, Goa     First printing press in India was broug... read more
OLA 1987 - Goan Catholic community
(15 March '09)
  OLA 1987 - Goan Catholic community Godfrey J. I. GonsalvesBorda, Margao, GoaThree years ago the movement for the recognition of Roman script began in right earnest from Independence Day 15th... read more
Denying a Script is a "Human Right Violation"
(01 April '09)
 Denying a Script is a "Human Right Violation" Wilmix Wilson Mazarello.Margao, Goa     From ancient times, "Languages" all over the world, were first in... read more

Archived Articles

“Mhojean zaina” him khoinchei bhaxentlim soglleant dukhest utram.
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Konknni mollar Gõycheo ani her ganvcheo mukhel ghoddnnuko
Bhurgeam khatir gitam, kovita, kannio ani her bhurgeanache avddiche borpavollicho punzo.
Novim utram, tanchi mahiti ani vapor.
SMS-achea mollar Konknni.
Mhoineache Suvalle
Gõychim festam, porbo ani zatra
Konknni mon’xachem purvil’lem bhanddar (gitam, kannio, mhonni, humannim, opari, adi).
Konknni Sod lekh ani her prokarache lekh.
Konknni kotha.
Konknni kovita ani gitam.
Novim pustokam, CD hanchi vollok.
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